Lee Min Jung dissed her husband Lee Byung Hun again, “You don’t come out handsome here”

Actress Lee Min Jung once again teased her husband Lee Byung Hun, showing they are a good couple.

On June 29th, actor Lee Byung Hun posted on Instagram a screenshot of the last episode of his newest K-drama “Our Blues”, which recently aired on tvN. Under the comment section, his wife, actress Lee Min Jung left a comment, saying: “I didn’t watch the last episode of “Our Blues” on purpose. The next day, I watched it in the afternoon when there was no filming because I was afraid my eyes would be too swollen while on the set. My blanket got all wet watching it. I love all the mothers in the world.”

lee byung hun

At the same time, the actress filmed and posted a scene where her husband Lee Byung-hun appeared.

Fans then responded to the post, saying things like “Byung Hun is so good at acting.” However, when fans commented “Byung Hun oppa is so handsome”, Min Jung replied jokingly: “He doesn’t come out handsome here”. 

lee byung hun

The actress also showed her special relationship with her husband in another comment, which said: “I will make fun of you.”

Lee Min Jung usually made fun of her husband Lee Byung Hun through SNS, and would diss or tease him jokingly, showing their cute relationship.  

Source: Nate

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