Son Ye Jin went insane as her daughter suddenly went missing? An award-winning acting performance

The impressive acting of Son Ye Jin in “The Truth Beneath” caused netizens to get goosebumps.

As of the moment, Son Ye Jin is the youngest actress to ever win at all three major award ceremonies of Korea, including the Baeksang Arts Awards, the Blue Dragon Film Awards, and the Grand Bell Film Awards. Despite her title of “melodrama queen”, Son Ye Jin never hesitated to try out new roles and images, boasting an impressive versatility that many other actresses look up to.

Son Ye-jin

In 2016, Son Ye Jin starred in the thriller film “The Truth Beneath”, playing the role of a mother who pulled all strings to find the whereabouts of her missing daughters. The film eventually became one of the most remarkable projects of Son Ye Jin’s career. 

Son Ye-jin

In particular, Son Ye Jin assumed the role of Yeon Hong, a dedicated and talented wife with her beloved daughter. Her husband was in the elections to become a member of the National Assembly, and in general, they were a happy family. However, everything changed when the daughter suddenly went missing. 

Yeon Hong ended up going insane looking for any clue regarding her daughter. She read every email, every line in her child’ diary, and met every friend in desperation. Even worse, her husband was worried that the missing case would affect his chance of winning, and so never assisted his wife in the search for their child. 

Son Ye-jin

The more the mother looks for clues, the more helpless and angry she becomes as she continues to discover the horrifying secrets behind her child’s abduction.

When watching “The Truth Beneath”, viewers are captivated by Son Ye Jin’s acting, especially through her expressive eyes. Son Ye Jin keeps viewers on the edge of their seats through the entire movie with her amazing portrayal of a mother. 

Son Ye-jin

Son Ye Jin’s excellent performance in “The Truth Beneath” not only drew positive reactions from viewers but also helped her earn rave reviews from critics. With only two films, “The Truth Beneath” and “The Last Princess”, Son Ye Jin took home and was nominated for Best Actress at various award ceremonies in Korea during the period of 2016 – 2017.

Currently, Son Ye Jin has not confirmed her next project after JTBC’s drama “Thirty Nine” as she is pregnant and focusing on getting prepared to welcome her firstborn with husband Hyun Bin. 

Source: SaoStar

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