Park Ha Sun: “The most similar to the character in ‘First Child’, ‘No, Thank You’ is less honest than I actually am”

Park Ha Sun appeared on “Kim Young Chul’s Power FM.” 

On the “Cheolpa-M Special” section of SBS Power FM’s “Kim Young Chul’s Power FM,” which aired on Nov 3rd, Park Ha Sun introduced and talked about her movie “First Child,” which will be released on Nov 10th.

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When DJ Kim Young Chul said, “Yesterday was the second anniversary of Park Ha Sun’s ‘Cinetown’. I think it would feel different from your first anniversary. How was it?” Park Ha Sun answered, “Time has flown by that fast? I just thought it’s already been two years, and it was so good. Now the radio is better and more comfortable for. I think radio has its own charm,” she said, expressing her thought on her show’s second anniversary.

Park Ha-sun First child

Kim Young Chul then asked, “You are also working steadily on your acting work. What is the driving force behind your ability to continue doing ‘Cinetown’ when you must have been busy as a DJ?” Park Ha Sun replied, “The monthly wages,” and burst into laughter.

Regarding the movie “First Child,” Park Ha Sun said, “It is the story of a friend named Jung Ah who returned to work after giving birth to her first child and taking parental leave. It deals with her problems and the changes that happen at her home or in society as she returns to her work. It is a drama and thriller movie that creates a little mystery with the appearance of a Korean-Chinese aunt,” he introduced.

Park Ha-sun First child

In response, Kim Young Chul said, “I think it’s a movie that talks about our reality. I think Park Ha Sun must have empathized with the character a lot because you are also a working mother,” to which Park Ha Sun responded, “That’s right,” adding, “There were a lot. It was a work that I had to do because I sympathized with each and every one of them. This is my and our story. I just have to do it. That’s what I thought,” she explained.

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To the question of one listener “It seems to be a film that I can relate to as a working mother raising a three-year-old child. Park Ha-sun, how do you relieve stress when you have a hard time with childcare?”, Park Ha-sun answered, “In fact, I’ve been thinking about it recently. ‘What do I want to do if I don’t have a kid?’ Come to think of it, there wasn’t much to do. I went around and ate all the delicious things when I wasn’t married, and there wasn’t much I wanted to do. I thought I wouldn’t be able to live if I didn’t have a child. When I thought about it that way, it became very precious and I overcame it a little.”

To Kim Young-chul’s question “Is the husband in the movie ‘First Child’ indifferent or passionate?”, Park Ha-sun replied, “He’s indifferent. There are many people who don’t like this character. But I thought it was realistic. Because he doesn’t know about that time. He doesn’t know when I just had my first child. I thought it was realistic to not know.”

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When asked by Kim Young-chul “Then what kind of husband is your real husband Ryu Soo-young?”, Park Ha-sun caused laughter by responding, “He was great. There were some things he didn’t know because it was his first time becoming a husband and a dad, but now that it’s been 6 years, he takes care of our child very well. He’s good at cooking, too. Although we’re doing it together.”

Afterwards, a listener asked, “You expressed various mothers and wives in ‘Birthcare Center’, ‘No, Thank You’ and ‘First Child’. What role is the most similar to you?” Kim Young-chul said, “‘Birthcare Center’ is a drama you did with Uhm Ji-won.” Park Ha-sun laughingly shared, “My character in ‘Birthcare Center’ is a bit unlucky. My character in ‘No, Thank You’ is less honest than me. I say what I have to say with a smile. Everyone, you should say what you have to say with a smile.”

Then Park Ha-sun explained, “My role in ‘First Child’ is the most similar to me. There was a time when I was also blunt and sensitive like this. My MBTI is close to I, but I’m the type that changed to E while working.”

“Kim Young-chul’s Power FM” is broadcast on SBS Power FM from 7 AM to 9 AM every day. You can listen to it through the PC and smartphone application “SBS Gorilla”.

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