Lee Hyori regretted her announcement of retirement from commercial advertising

Lee Hyori regretted her announcement of retirement from commercial advertising

On Sep 4th, a video featuring Lee Hyori was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Zzan Bro Shin Dong Yup”.

In the video, Lee Hyori confessed, “People need to be careful about what they say. These days, I’ve become more aware of it. Didn’t I get to do (commercial) advertising again? Somehow, my thoughts keep changing. However, if celebrities say something once, it’ll be stuffed.”

In 2012, Lee Hyori announced that she would stop appearing in all commercial advertisements except for public service advertisements. At that time, she declared the reason, “I didn’t actually use diet products to lose weight and I didn’t get prettier because of cosmetic products, but shouldn’t I say it like that (in CFs)? Originally, I didn’t have much thoughts, but after working for a long time, I felt like a friend with the public, so I wanted to share honest stories.”

Lee Hyori

However, last July, Lee Hyori posted through her SNS, “I want to do commercials again. Please contact Antenna Music for advertising inquiries.” She honestly expressed her desire and will to return to commercial advertising, drawing attention.

In this regard, Lee Hyori recalled, “I had my own philosophy at that time. Now I know those thoughts change. Didn’t I join Antenna (Lee Hyori’s agency)? I wanted to have a dance team like HolyBang, expensive composers and expensive music videos worth hundreds of millions of won… I felt sorry for asking the company.”

She surprised everyone by saying, “However, as both fans and I wanted (to do CFs), I regretted, ‘Why did I say I wouldn’t shoot commercial advertisements?’ I wanted to earn a lot, spend a lot and donate a lot. Fortunately, I’ve been receiving a lot of CFs (recently). Enough to fill 3~4 A4 pages.

She added, “How blessed have I been that people will find me even if I do whatever I want? Thank you so much.

Source: Nate

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