Lee Dong-hwi “I Was Shocked By Kang Dong-won’s Personality, I’ve Never Seen Him Get Pissed”

Actor Lee Dong-hwi revealed an impressive story about actor Kang Dong-won, with whom he appeared in the movie “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman”

On Sep 21st, a video featuring Lee Dong-hwi was uploaded on the YouTube channel “BDNS”.

The video captured a conversation between Lee Dong-hwi and actor Moon Sang-hoon. During the conversation, Lee Dong-hwi shared his thoughts about Kang Dong-won, whom he worked with. He said, “I was really surprised. First of all, I was shocked by his handsome appearance.”

lee dong hwi

When Moon Sang-hoon asked if Kang Dong-won seemed like someone created by God, Lee Dong-hwi agreed, “I often felt that way, really.”

Lee Dong-hwi was also impressed by Kang Dong-won’s personality. He explained, “Don’t normal people usually get tired and irritable after 4 AM? In my case, I get pissed a lot, but I’ve never seen Dong-won get pissed even once.”

lee dong hwi

He continued, “He brings delicious food and shares it with the staff, making sure everyone eats. I’ve never seen him express any displeasure.” Upon hearing this, Moon Sang-hoon jokingly said, “People like that should express some anger as humans.”

Lee Dong-hwi emphasized, “Looking at him, I often thought, ‘He’s really on another level.’ It was a valuable experience for me. I really wanted to share this story.”

Source: Daum

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