Famous actor Lee Do Hyun almost got his career ruined due to his girlfriend and past relationship?

Lee Do Hyun is going to be Song Hye Kyo’s co-star in upcoming drama “The Glory”.

Lee Do Hyun recently became the talk of town for being the next co-star of superstar actress Song Hye Kyo in the revenge drama “The Glory”. Alongside from the couple’s large age gap, attention is also being paid to Lee Do Hyun’s career journey from zero to hero. 

However, some netizens also brought up previous controversies regarding the actor, particular some related to his alleged girlfriend. 

Lee Do Hyun

The “monster rookie” of the Korean small screen

Among other actors of the same generation, Lee Do Hyun is considered a “monster rookiefor his outstanding acting skills and unique charms. 

Lee Do-hyun

Lee Do Hyun was born into a poor family with a mentally disabled younger brother. To raise the two of them, the actor’s parents had to stretch themselves thin, while Lee Do Hyun tried his best to support his family as well. 

The actor was also super popular during his school days, as he boasted outstanding visuals and was a great basketball player, even representing the city of Goyang. At the time, he was the ideal boyfriend of numerous female schoolmates. 

Lee Do Hyun

Once dreamt of becoming a basketball player, Lee Do Hyun found his passion for acting after watching actor Kim Rae Won in the movie “Sunflower”. The actor studied hard for his dream, eventually getting into Chung Ang University (a Top 10 University in Korea) and singing with his current agency – Yuehua Entertainment. 

In 2017, Lee Do Hyun made his acting debut with the drama “Prison Playbook”, where he stole hearts with his bright eyes filled with passion and sunshine smiles. A year later, he made yet another impressive appearance in “Still 17”. 

lee do hyun
Lee Do Hyun in “Prison Playbook”

The actor then gained ample attention with various roles in “Clean With Passion For Now”, “Hotel del Luna”, “18 Again”, “Sweet Home”, “Youth of May”, and most recently, “Melancholia”. Lee Do Hyun’s outstanding performance in “18 Again” also earned him the title of “Best New Actor” at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards. 

youth of may
“Youth of May” is a prime testament of Lee Do Hyun’s acting ability 
18 again
The actor gained huge popularity and critical acclaim after starring in “18 Again” 

Now, Lee Do Hyun has confirmed to be the co-star of Song Hye Kyo in the upcoming project “The Glory”, raising high expectations among fans.

Girlfriend controversies that almost became career-ending 

However, with great popularity comes great controversies, and Lee Do Hyun was no exception, as he stumbled into quite a serious allegation in 2020. 

lee do hyun

In particular, a netizen suddenly discovered that Lee Do Hyun pressed like on an Instagram post that showed a girl wearing a pig hat. Even worse, others pointed out that the pig hat eerily resembles a gift that fans sent to Lee Do Hyun to celebrate his birthday. 

lee do hyun
Lee Do Hyun liked a photo of a girl 

As a result, fans of the actor became enraged, expressing disappointment that instead of thanking his fans for the birthday presents, Lee Do Hyun gave a gift to his alleged girlfriend. Some even went as far as to say that the actor’s career will be ending soon. 

However, Lee Do Hyun’s agency, Yuehua Entertainment, refuted the claim and explained that the photo was taken around 3 years ago, at a gathering between friends, and the hat was shared among different people. Following this statement, the controversial photo also vanished from the account, said to be Lee Do Hyun’s girlfriend. 

Lee Do Hyun

However, this was not the first time Lee Do Hyun got into trouble for a past relationship. Previously during an interview with Esquire Korea, Lee Do Hyun also received criticisms for revealing the reason behind his breakup.

“I told my girlfriend that we should break up, so that I can act better. I don’t even know why I did that, I was only 21 or 22 years old at the time”, the actor confessed.

Lee Do-hyun

Soon enough, scrutinizing netizens poured in, bashing the actor for his “horrible action” and expressing “sympathy” for the girlfriend, who they believed must have been hurt. 

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