Lee Da-in’s Biological Father Caused Trouble, “Go Get Money From Lee Seung-gi”

Actor Lim Young-kyu, the ex-husband of Kyeon Mi-ra and the biological father of Lee Da-in, mentioned his son-in-law Lee Seung-gi

The new episode of MBC’s “True Story of Exploration”, which will air on May 23rd, will reveal the current status of actor Lim Young-kyu.

Lim Young-kyu was an actor greatly loved in the 1980s. He married actress Kyeon Mi-ri but divorced six years later and got involved in several incidents. Later, he appeared on a program and revealed his status as a volunteer. The actor also expressed affection for his children, actresses Lee Yoo-bi and Lee Da-in.

lee seung gi lee da in

However, “True Story of Exploration” recently received a shocking report about him. The informant was A, a man who had been raising three children alone for 25 years. One day, A’s son checked the transaction details and found out that A sent money to Lim Young-kyu. A reportedly transferred money to Lim Young-kyun 265 times within a year with a total amount of about 200 million won.

When A asked Lim Young-kyu to give the money back, Lim Young-kyu replied, “(My son-in-law) Lee Seung-gi may be able to solve it. I think that’s more comfortable”, showing an irresponsible attitude.

lee seung gi

A recording with Lim Young-kyu’s voice was also released. In the recording, Lim Young-kyu said, “OOO told Lee Seung-gi about it. So go get the money from that XX (Lee Seung-gi)”.

“True Story of Exploration” production team also captured A’s suspicious behaviors while investigating the reason why A had no choice but to send money to Lim Young-kyu.

The upcoming broadcast of “True Story of Exploration” will reveal the story of a house being ruined because of Lim Young-kyu and Lim Young-kyu’s stance.

Source: wikitree, naver

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