Kris Wu is from a wealthy family, might have his sentence reduced with mother’s help

Former EXO member has been a hot topic after various sexual controversies, and is currently facing a long sentence.

There’s no denying the intense popularity of Kris Wu, especially in China. However, after a series of controversies including a charge of rape, his reputation has greatly suffered.

kris wu
Kris Wu used to be a top star in China

Born in 1990, Kris Wu has years of experience in the entertainment industry. It is known that the male celebrity was born into a wealthy family, and resided in a luxurious mansion in Canada after the divorce of his parents. 

kris wu
Kris Wu was born into a wealthy family
Kris Wu
The male celebrity was from China, but has Canadian nationality 
Kris Wu
He is known for his outstanding visuals and physique
kris wu
Kris Wu is active in various fields, and was among the top stars in China prior to his controversies

Before becoming a member of EXO, Kris Wu used to study at Winston Churchill, which ranked 47th among North American high schools. In addition, he was spotted wearing various luxury items even before debuting. 

kris wu
Krisu Wu used to attend a top-ranked high school in North America.
kris wu, exo, sm, 2017
He was spotted wearing various luxury items even before debuting. 
kris wu house
An illustration of one of Kris Wu’s apartment 

According to fans, Kris Wu also used a blackcard, a true testament to his overwhelming wealth. In addition, his family was powerful enough to sue SM Entertainment, and one-sidedly terminate his contract with the agency. 

kris wu
Kris Wu did not hesitate to sue SM Entertainment 

In addition, it is reported that Kris Wu’s mother has tried to use money to silence the victims of the male idol’s controversies. Rumors have it that she even tried to interfere with his sentence. 

kris wu mother
Kris Wu’s powerful mother 

Back in April 2022, it was rumored that Kris Wu will be sentenced to 17 years in jail due to charge of rape and various others. However, in a new trial, the requested sentence has been dropped to 13 years. Kris Wu is also facing a possible deportation from China. 

kris wu mother
People suspected that Kris Wu’s mother tried to interfere with his sentence
Kris Wu
The male idol is facing 13 years in prison
Once a shining star, Kris Wu’s career is completely ruined due to his own actions

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