Lee Bo-young’s Candid Confession about Marital Challenges After First Childbirth Leaves Husband Ji Sung Surprised

Lee Bo-young answered honestly to a question about marital slump

On September 27, a video titled “Love Counseling with Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung” was uploaded to Allure Korea’s YouTube channel.

Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung are celebrating their 10th year of marriage. When asked by a subscriber about where to meet their ideal type, Lee Bo-young playfully said, “There is no ideal type. I can’t meet one. It’s impossible.”

Lee Bo-young

In response, Ji Sung jokingly asked, “Am I not your ideal type? Do I not know who your ideal type is?”

According to Lee Bo-young, they have a complementary relationship as a couple. When asked if they ever experienced a marital slump, she honestly replied, “During our dating period, there was no slump, but after marriage and giving birth to a child, it was a bit tough.”

Ji Sung reacted with surprise, “Was there really a marital slump? Weren’t we quite busy?” Lee Bo-young explained, “Because we were so busy, we couldn’t focus on each other. During our second child, it wasn’t like that, but for the first child, it was challenging, and we even got irritated.”

Lee Bo-young

To this, Ji Sung said, “I never got irritated,” making it clear that there was no marital slump. He added, “I think it’s natural for a slump to occur between a married couple. We were busy during our dating period and marriage, so there was no room for a slump.”

So, what was the reason for their decision to get married? Ji Sung confessed his deep affection for Lee Bo-young, “My wife is a presence that gives me strength. She helps me have the courage to live a little better and supports me.”

Lee Bo-young also said, “My husband has always been on my side. He has never criticized me. He even praises me for things I did wrong. When asked if they would consider appearing in the same project, she said, “If the project is good, I don’t have any plans to refuse, but I don’t think we can act together.”

Source: naver

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