Lee Bo-young – Ji Sung’s 10th wedding anniversary “Sweet visual couple”

The pictorial celebrating the 10th wedding anniversary of actors Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung was revealed

Recently, fashion magazine Allure released a pictorial featuring Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung, who are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. In the pictorial, the couple exuded a sweet and newlywed-like atmosphere.

Lee Bo-young Ji-sung

Lee Bo-young wore a white dress with a cap, showcasing a hip style, while Ji Sung presented a chic all-black style. Lee Bo-young’s girlish smile and Ji Sung’s affectionate gaze at his wife created an envy-inducing scene.

A video of the two doing the same poses was also released. Their beautiful appearance as a visually stunning couple garnered admiration.

Lee Bo-young Ji-sung

Meanwhile, Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung got married in 2013. They have one son and one daughter.

Source: Nate

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