Reasons why Jessica will always be KPOP’s “ice princess” whether she is in SM or not

Jessica has recently received many compliments for her beauty and sweet gestures in her latest fansign event.

It wasn’t until recently that Jessica had her first fansign for her first mini album “With Love, J”, which was released in 2016.

In this event, Jessica captured the hearts of many fans with her beautiful, sweet and cute gestures. Her every move was recorded and posted online, which attracted many viewers.

The most memorable thing is most likely her hand shakes with fans. Jessica even cutely pretended to be sad whenever a fan forgot to shake her hand after getting her signature. The idol has been praised for her friendliness and adorableness by netizens. Her actions have proved that she is not only approachable but also very cutely mischievous.

“She is so lovely. Look how beautiful her smile is”
“So cute. She is not unapproachable at all”
“Look at the face she made when fans walked away without shaking her hand, so adorable”
“How beautiful her smile is! Why does she always have to make that cold face?”

Even though it’s her first official promotion after leaving SNSD, Jessica’s mini album has received a lot of love from fans. She has also gathered attention after the fansign event. Hopefully, with all this love, “the ice princess” can continue to be more successful and release more great songs.

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