“Single’s Inferno” PDs discussed if Freezia (Song Ji-ah) was biased by the production team

“Single’s Inferno” PD Kim Jae-won and Kim Na-hyun shared their honest thoughts on casting Freeszia (Song Ji-ah).

An interview with PD Kim Jae-won and PD Kim Na-hyun of Netflix’s reality show “Single’s Inferno” were held online on January 11th. On this day, the two PDs told fans about the casting story of Ji-ah, the participant who received the most attention on the show.

Song Ji-ah attracted many fans by showing her charm with her gorgeous appearance and honest way of talking. After making her appearance on the show, she is gaining immense popularity, with the number of subscribers on her YouTube channel surpassing 1.61 million.

Single’s Inferno Freezia

Recalling Song Ji-ah’s casting story, PD Kim Jae-won said, “Our impression of her was hot from the beginning,” and explained, “It’s hard to define ‘hot’, but it would be Song Ji-ah if the word ‘hot’ was made into a human being.”

Single’s Inferno Freezia

Producer Kim Na-hyun also said, “When I saw Song Ji-ah talking to other men, I thought, ‘If Korea needed a national athlete to compete in “dating for people in their 20s” wouldn’t it be Song Ji-ah?'” adding, “She has a charm that no one could imitate, her expression, eye contact, and words.”

Single’s Inferno Freezia

Saying that Freezia would win first place if there was an “Attractiveness Olympics,” PD Kim Jae-won also replied to suspicions that he might have edited a large amount of screen time for the YouTuber.

Single’s Inferno Freezia

PD Kim Jae-won said, “I didn’t mean to make Ji-ah stand out more (in the broadcast),” adding, “I focused on the lovelines and edited out unnecessary scenes. Ji-ah was popular and many male contestants liked her, and thanks to that, she had a lot of lovelines and showed up on the broadcast a lot,” he said.

Single’s Inferno Freezia

“Single’s Inferno” is a hot dating reality show that put the singles on a remote island called “Single Island,” from which they can only be released as a couple. Netflix released two episodes every Saturday with the 8th episode, also the last, broadcast on January 8th.

“Single’s Inferno” became a hot topic and gave birth to four couples in the final episode. Kim Hyun-joong and Song Ji-ah drew the hottest attention by choosing each other, while Kim Joon-sik – Ahn Ye-won, Oh Jin-taek – Kang So-yeon, and Moon Se-hoon – Shin Ji-yeon also became the final couples.


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