After his confession of infertility, Song Jae-hee thanked netizens for their support, “We will not give up and will continue to wait for a baby angel”

After confessing the story of his infertility, actor Song Jae-hee expressed his gratitude for people who have given him encouragement..

On January 11th, Song Jae-hee posted on his Instagram, saying, “After appearing on ‘Golden Counseling Center’ with my wife’s determination to give comfort and support to those who are waiting for a baby angel like us and those who have had a hard time because they are sharing the same story with us, many people have shared their concerns and stories via SNS and phone calls. As a result, we also received lots of strength and support from them.”

He continued to thank people who comforted and encouraged his family, saying, “Together with my wife, I laughed and smiled while reading each message and comment, from the one about the cute and lovely story of a baby angel taking quite a long time to have his short legs, to the one with a touching story of a baby angel coming to life after a sad breakup and a long wait. Thank you so much.”

Song Jae-hee infertility

Song Jae-hee also attached a photo of his wedding and wrote, “I won’t forget the love and support that everyone has given me. I will love my wife more, and we will not give up on waiting. I really want to say thank you to everyone. That’s why I’m writing this post. I and my wife will pray for everyone, too! Love you all.” The released photo showed Song Jae-hee and Ji So-yeon praying while praying. The two appeared in a tuxedo and a pure white wedding dress, making the photo look as beautiful as a painting. 

Song Jae-hee infertility

Earlier, Song Jae-hee and Ji So-yeon appeared on Channel A’s “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center”, which was aired on December 31st, and said that they have been attempting a test tube procedure after Song Jae-hee was diagnosed with infertility. Meanwhile, Song Jae-hee married model Ji So-yeon in 2017.


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