LE SSERAFIM’s debut song caused controversies for boring MV and bad English pronunciation

Is there anything good within the debut of LE SSERAFIM?

On 6pm KST, May 2nd, LE SSERAFIM made their official debut with the MV “FEARLESS”. As a Source Music girl group under HYBE Labels, the rookie group soon drew attention and discussions surrounding their newly-released MV.


According to netizens, most of the MV was choreography scenes filmed indoors with little to no storytelling, to the point it looked more like a choreography video than a debut MV. As a result, the “FEARLESS” is not held in high regard, and even said to be bland. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • The song is good but the choreography sucks
  • Admittedly, I like the song but the MV is so bland I find nothing memorable
  • So many choreography scenes and they are not even good dancers… 
Le Sserafim
LE SSERAFIM’s debut MV may have too many choreography scenes?

In contrast to its MV, the song “FEARLESS” seems to be well-loved by Korean netizens. The only issue is the group’s poor English pronunciation, which makes it hard to hear clearly. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • I came here expecting a terrible song but was pleasantly surprised
  • Can’t hear the lyrics at all…
  • Why are there so many English parts?
  • Wow this surpassed my expectations

However, the appearance of Kim Garam, who was embroiled in school violence allegations, still greatly irked the audience, who wrote comments like:

  • They really gave a song with lyrics like this to a school bully? How ironic. 
  • Did the song take inspiration from school violence or what
  • You guys better not forget about Kim Garam’s shitty behaviors
Many people are still enraged over Kim Garam’s bullying scandal. 

Before “FEARLESS” officially dropped, questions about the issues had been raised at LE SSERAFIM’s debut showcase, to which the leader Kim Chaewon answered: “Can I say something as the group’s leader? The company will respond with appropriate procedures. This is a complicated matter, so we have to be cautious and are unable to answer it here. Please skip this question. We will have the opportunity to clarify it in the future”. 

Kim Garam, the main character, added: “Like what Chaewon said, please understand that it’s difficult for me to say anything right now. I will work hard to prove myself as a member of LE SSERAFIM.” 

LE SSERAFIM at their debut showcase.
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