LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans’ rapid progress, HYBE’s new growth engine

Groups LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans are continuing their rapid progress. This is acting as a new momentum for HYBE in response to BTS’ vacancy.

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HYBE is a company whose main focus is group BTS. However, it was evaluated that they lost their growth engine as BTS recently decided to enlist, led by member Jin.

In fact, when BTS decided to join the military, the stock market lowered HYBE’s target stock price from the previous value, saying that their specificity disappeared. BTS has accounted for more than 60% of HYBE’s sales so far.

The sales hit due to BTS’ “militatus (military service + hiatus)” was inevitable, and HYBE had to prove other artists’ competitiveness to effectively minimize it.

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Fortunately, the insight into HYBE is positive. This is because the growth of new artists is remarkable.

Although it has only been 6 months since LE SSERAFIM‘s debut, they have already set the record of surpassing 1 million copies in cumulative sales. According to Circle Chart (formerly Gaon Chart), LE SSERAFIM sold 435,027 copies of the debut album “FEARLESS” released in May and 630,817 copies of the second mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE” released this month.

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In fact, LE SSERAFIM boasted overwhelming record sales right from the beginning of their debut. “Fearless” sold 307,450 copies during the first week on Hanteo Chart, which was a new record for the debut album of all girl groups at the time. This time, they soon surpassed 567,673 copies in the 1st week, giving LE SSERAFIM the title “half-million-selling artist.”

In addition, “ANTIFRAGILE” ranked sixth among girl groups of all time in terms of first-week sales. They also set the highest initial record of all albums released by male and female idol groups who debuted this year.

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On top of that, the new girl group New Jeans, which was born under the leadership of Min Hee-jin, the head of the label ADOR, is the biggest point to expect from HYBE in the future.


New Jeans became a big buzz from their debut with an unconventional promotion that boldly skipped the teasing stage. Despite being a rookie who just debuted, New Jeans has been enjoying syndrome-like popularity since their debut by taking over various music charts.

In particular, not only did the group reach 1 million YouTube subscribers in three months after their debut, but they also charted on the U.S. Billboard chart for 12 consecutive weeks.

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Among them, LE SSERAFIM and New Jeans’ steady upward trend seems to be reflected in HYBE’s stock price.

Shares of HYBE closed at 119,500 won on Oct 27th, up 3.91% (4,500 won) from the previous trading day. It even rose to 121,000 won during the day. This is encouraging in that the risk of BTS’ military service has been resolved, and after a brief rise, it is again showing a downward transition.


Source: Daum

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