“Got married for money?” Han Yu-ra & Yoo Ha-na, wives crying because of husband’s fame

Unpleasant speculations that destroy even healthy families need to be “edited out”.

Comedian Jeong Hyeong-don’s wife Han Yu-ra and baseball player Lee Yong-kyu’s wife Yoo Ha-na took tough measures against absurd rumors about their marriage.

On May 31st, on her personal SNS, former TV writer and broadcaster Han Yu-ra uploaded photos captured from an online post. It contains malicious rumors about the married couple Jeong Hyeong-don and Han Yu-ra. Netizens made absurd claims, such as “Han Yu-ra had no choice but to marry Jeong Hyeong-don because of money” and “With Jeong Hyeong-don’s money, she opened a cafe in Cheongdam-dong, bought a high-class foreign car and luxury goods.” In response, Han Yu-ra expressed her displeasure, “There’s really no truth in it, so it makes me laugh.”

Han Yu-ra

Han Yu-ra, who married Jeong Hyeong-don in 2009, is living in Hawaii with her twin daughters. Her SNS account begins with “Doni Five”, reminiscent of Jeong Hyeong-don, and the introduction reads “My husband Doni, my twin daughters Yuju, Yuha”. The most recent post is also a picture with Jeong Hyeong-don, showing the longing of a long-distance marriage. It is more like an exceptionally affectionate couple rather than a marriage that “can not be helped because of money”. We seem to understand why Han Yu-ra did not even feel worth leaving a long explanation.

Han Yu-ra

Baseball player Lee Yong-kyu’s wife Yoo Ha-na is the case where a wife took over her husband’s fame. Yoo Ha-na recently drew a clear line about the sponsor rumor, “Stories which my acquaintances know they aren’t true, that I drove a foreign car without a license and approached my husband for money. I was busy filming while going to auditions. Then I got married at the age of 26. Despite being not famous, I’m a mother of two children whose name is still on everyone’s lips thanks to her husband, and I’m a housewife who is living her life to the fullest.”

Yoo Ha-na

The situation of having to list and explain the rumors yourself seems too harsh. Stars and their families are in a difficult position where “being indecisive is like acknowledging, being angry makes you an unusual person”. While persuading the obvious saying “We got married because we loved each other”, it is frustrating that those who threw seeds of rumors are covering their ears.

Source: Nate

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