Lawyer says Song Hyekyo and Song Joongki’s divorce is quite unusual among celebrities

SBS “Entertainment News Tonight” has taken a look into the divorce between actor Song Joongki and actress Song Hyekyo.

Lawyer says Song Hyekyo and Song Joongki's divorce is quite unusual among celebrities

SBS’ “Entertainment News Tonight” on June 2nd afternoon dealt with the recent divorce of Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo which have been the talk of the public.

Song Joongki had earlier received an application for divorce mediation with the Seoul Family Court on April 26.

It is unusual for a celebrity (Song Joongki) to announce their position in person less than a day after filing for divorce settlement,” said a divorce lawyer.

Celebrities are asked to keep the divorce-related mediation a secret at least until they reach an agreement together,” he said, referring to the usual procedures.

But didn`t Song Joongki publicized his announcement right in the next morning after he had filed the divorce settlement application with the court? This behavior appears to contain a message to Song Hyekyo’s side, asking them to be more active in the progress of agreement and consultation,” he speculated.

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