“If you listen to our new song five times, you can be addicted to it”… Will NMIXX be able to prove their name as a JYP girl group in this comeback?

Girl group NMIXX (Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Jinni, BAE, Kyuijin, Jiwoo) made their comeback with a new MIXX POP song.

A press conference to commemorate the release of NMIXX’s second single “ENTWURF” was held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul at 4 p.m, September 19th.

NMIXX released their new single “ENTWURF” through various music sites at 6 p.m on the same day. This is the first new song that the girl group released in 7 months since their debut single “AD MARE”, which includes the title “O.O”, on February 22nd.


Regarding holding a face-to-face showcase for the first time since her debut, Jiwoo said, “I’m very excited and nervous.”

About their first comeback after 7 months, Lily shared, “After finishing our debut activities, we practiced very hard to show the best appearance this time. It took us a while to bring about our best to everyone. Therefore, the quality of our new song ‘DICE’ has increased and we are now able to confidently let fans hear it.”

NMIXX’s new single includes a total of 4 songs, including the title “DICE”, the b-side song “COOL (Your rainbow)” and two instrumental tracks. Through this release, NMIXX wants to show their ambition to become seven adventurers and pioneer their own destiny without giving in to any interferences.


Referring to the new single, Haewon introduced, “It’s the story about NMIXX, who have tasted the new world, going on an adventure with a mix of our individual spaces where we can freely unfold our imagination”, adding “It also contains NMIXX’s ambition to carve out our own destiny under any circumstances.”

NMIXX’s title song “DICE” is about the mysterious enemies who appear in the dice game and NMIXX who confront the enemies. Made as a MIXX POP genre that combines two or more genres into one song to give a variety of charms, “DICE” is characterized by a sophisticated jazz sound and dynamic song development on the hip-hop beat. Composers Armadillos, THE HUB, and Dr. Jo participated in creating this song.


Regarding the title track, Jinni explained, “This song compares NMIXX’s adventure to a game. It contains the warning of not falling into the trap of an antagonist, and the message to enjoy the tension and move forward even though it is not an easy game.”

Many fans love the MIXX POP, but this is actually a genre that easily receives divided responses from the public. Regarding MIXX POP, which is the signature genre of NMIXX, Sullyoon confidently said, “I think many people have never heard it before, but it’s an addictive genre that makes you listen to it more than once. It may be hard to listen to at first, but if you try about five times, you can be addicted to the song.”

Referring to the performance of the new song, Jiwoo shared, “We’ve practiced a lot of high-level choreographies since even before our debut. Maybe that’s why we were able to do well even with complicated performance. We’re still practicing the hard dance break safely so I think we will perform well.”


Lily said, “I paid particular attention to some parts of the debut song and did that again with this new song. Our debut song doesn’t have a dance break but the overall performance has many powerful dances. This new song has the strongest dance break we’ve ever done and the rest feels less powerful than the debut song”. Haewon added, “I hope many people will dance along to our song.”

Following Wonder Girls, TWICE and ITZY, NMIXX is the newest girl group that JYP Entertainment introduced. The members also talked about the responsibility and burden they have as a JYP girl group.

The music industry is recently dominated by fourth-generation girl groups, such as IVE, LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans. When asked about the fierce competition NMIXX is facing, Haewon said, “First of all, we feel very honored and happy to be able to work with so many cool and amazing people at the same time. It seems to have become the driving force for NMIXX to work harder and better. We will continue to work hard to show you our charms.”


After releasing the debut song “O.O”, NMIXX gained favorable reviews for their excellent live performance in various content. In response to this, Sullyoon said, “Since we were trainees, we practiced singing and dancing together a lot. Knowing people praise NMIXX for our good live-singing skills, all the members were so proud and we felt that’s something worth practicing hard.”

Lastly, Haewon mentioned the group’s future activities, saying “This is an album that we’ve prepared while carrying out many activities my time since my debut. I really enjoyed the process with the thought that we could return the energy we received from fans. Since this is our first comeback in 7 months, we will show you various developments of NMIXX through different contents as well as stages”, adding “Please look forward to our promotion”.

Meanwhile, NMIXX will hold a fan showcase at 8 p.m at Yes24 Live Hall to celebrate their comeback. The members will meet NSWER (NMIXX’s fandom name) face-to-face and make special memories.

Source: Daum

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