Kris Wu’s mother begged hot girl Du Meidzu to become her daughter-in-law to save her son?

Kris Wu’s scandals really have too many dramas that are hard to imagine.

One week has passed since Kris Wu was officially detained on suspicion of rape. Cbiz has rocked with countless tense and complicated details of the scandals. Du Meidzu has gone from a little-known hot girl to now become a “hero” when she exposed the debauched life of the male singer. Meanwhile, Kris Wu’s mother was the one who accidentlly pushed her son into jail because of a moment of negligence.

While netizens were waiting for the announcement from the investigative agency, in another development, the BJH page suddenly had an article revealing the new move of Mrs. Stacey Wu. According to this newspaper, at this stressful moment, Kris Wu’s biological mother suddenly asked Du Meidzu for help. It is worth mentioning that she wants this 19-year-old hot girl to be… her daughter-in-law?

Kris Wu's mother begged hot girl Du Meidzu to become her daughter-in-law to save her son?

People think that Mrs. Stacey Wu has taken this action in an effort to save her son. At this point, the authorities are still investigating and verifying the incidents.

According to the BJH site, Kris Wu’s scandal has turned into a prosecution. This means that even though Du Meidzu does not want to bring him into account, Kris Wu will still be prosecuted if his series of crimes are shown to be true. 

However, this is currently just a rumor on social networks, and no characters have stepped forward to corroborate the aforementioned details.

It is fair to say that the information that has surfaced in recent days has piqued the interest of a huge number of netizens. Many individuals, however, are still waiting for the authorities to provide an official statement.

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