Rare images revealed of actor Jang Dong Gun’s two children, the 11-year-old son is almost as tall as his mother

Actress Go So Young has just flaunted her emotional moment with her two children, taken by her husband Jang Dong Gun.

Jang Dong Gun – Go So Young is the most powerful couple in Kbiz. Every action made by the actor’s family piques the public’s interest. Recently, the actress Go So Young drew attention when she shared a photo of herself walking with her two children, which was taken by her actor husband Jang Dong Gun. The two kids’ appearance has caught the public’s attention.

Jang Dong Gun‘s son has wowed netizens with his tall physique. He was almost as tall as his mother, although he was only 11 years old. From the back, the power couple’s daughter appears to be really adorable. Go So Young also captioned the words “Today is my father’s birthday. A long-awaited family reunion. Taken by DKJ”. Because “DKJ” stands for “Dong Kun Jang,” the star secretly revealed that the photo was taken by actor Jang Dong Gun himself (the letters K and G are the same in Korean). It seems that, after Jang Dong Gun‘s shocking “girl-hunting” scandal, Go So Young chose to forgive her husband.

Jang Dong Gun
Jang Dong Gun and his wife always keep their child’s appearance a secret, only occasionally showing off photos taken from behind on social networks. Therefore, Go So Young’s recent intimate moment with her children immediately attracted attention.
Jang Dong Gun
Jang Dong Gun – Go So Young is one of the most famous and powerful families in Kbiz
Jang Dong Gun
At the beginning of January last year, a series of messages between Jang Dong Gun and Joo Jin Mo were leaked online, shocking Korean showbiz. 2 male actors often share sexy women images, secretly “hunting girls” even though they are both married
Jang Dong Gun
Go So Young remained discreet about her husband’s scandal, which fueled conjecture. However, the couple is still together, and the public believes that the female celebrity has chosen to forgive her husband.


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