Korean celebrities misunderstood for undergoing plastic surgery after dieting (ft. IU, Wendy, and more)

These stars boasted skinny appearances after losing weight thanks to dieting. 

The following Korean stars showed off such outstanding body transformation after strictly dieting that they even came under suspicions of having plastic surgery. 

Red Velvet’s Wendy 

Recently, a pre-debut photo of Red Velvet’s Wendy when she was studying in the US was shared on a Korean online community and drew attention. 


In the photo, Wendy has a chubby and youthful appearance. Some netizens found it astounding that she became much skinnier after debuting. Her features also turned significantly sharper.


Wendy was once chosen by the rest of Red Velvet as the member who became prettier after debut. She explained, “I lost weight through dieting”. 

SF9’s Rowoon 

Recently, a post titled “A photo of Rowoon’s past” was posted on an online community and caught netizens’ attention.


The photo is a screenshot of Rowoon, whose real name is Kim Seok Woo, from tvN’s reality show “Cheongdamdong 111”. Netizens left comments saying they didn’t recognize Rowoon because of his unusual height with no double eyelids.


Rowoon, who currently boasts an enviable height of 6 feet and stunning proportions, once confessed during a broadcast that he was a chubby kid back in the day. 


A mirror selfie recently posted by MOMOLAND’s JooE has become a hot topic among fans and netizens.

In the selfie, JooE was wearing a sleeveless crop top, giving off a sexy charm. JooE’s mature visuals, which are completely different from her looks during the early days of MOMOLAND’s debut, are attracting attention.


JooE was even embroiled in allegations of plastic surgery. However, the female idol shared that she went on an extremely strict diet to lose weight and gain muscles. She revealed, “I ate 2 cucumbers, 400g chicken breast, 200g beef, and 1 or 2 apples a day.” With this diet, JooE lost 8 kg, so the first digit of her weight changed. 



IU cited makeup and diet as the reasons for her transformation in looks that caused plastic surgery allegations to be raised since the beginning of her debut.


Looking at IU’s childhood photos, her features are the same as now. IU once shared, “I was told so many times that she was pretty when I was young. But as I gained weight, I became uglier.”


The famous “IU Diet” among dieters is to eat an apple for breakfast, 2 sweet potatoes or 2 bananas for lunch, and low-fat milk and protein supplements for dinner.

IU cosmopolitan

However, IU gave a warning regarding this diet, saying, “It’s a diet I did in my early 20s for 3 or 4 days in a very short period of time. You should never do it. It’s dangerous for celebrities to go on a diet like this every day thinking that there is no problem. I never did that again!”


After dieting and successfully losing weight, Uee had to suffer not only from suspicions of plastic surgery, but also from malicious comments.


When she was active as a member of After School, Uee gained popularity for her healthy-looking body. When she switched to acting, Uee went on a diet to change her image.


Uee once opened up about the pressure she felt when it comes to body control, saying, “I lost weight to play in a drama, but everyone told me to go back to the old days. But gaining weight doesn’t mean you’re going back to how you looked before. I was under a lot of stress. I pretended to be fine because I was afraid my parents would worry about the malicious comments. I even cried on set.”



Rain succeeded in losing 10 kg last year after dieting and working out. However, suspicions of plastic surgery soon surfaced. 

bi rain

Rain mentioned this during a radio appearance, saying, “I went on a diet and people started asking me if I had plastic surgery. My current situation is not bad, but it’s still slightly inferior compared to other celebrities.”

Bi Rain

Source: Daum

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