BABYMONSTER’s “Last Evaluation” is only media play, no one will be eliminated?

On March 5th, a video titled “BABYMONSTER – ‘Last Evaluation’ Teaser” was uploaded, where executive producer Yang Hyun Suk can be seen saying, “BABYMONSTER will never be a 7-member group. It will definitely be less than 7”. 

This remark of Yang Hyun Suk has brought a great shock to fans, seeing that previously, 7 alleged members of BABYMONSTER were introduced through various video contents and gained great attention. Nevertheless, while some were worried over their favorite getting eliminated, many fans firmly believe that the supposed “elimination” is only a ploy to draw media attention.

yang hyun suk
Yang Hyun Suk said that there will be less than 7 members in BABYMONSTER

According to these people, it will be a great loss if not all 7 are debuted, seeing that they have all garnered a fanbase of their own. Youngest members Chiquita and Ahyeon also drew massive attention, to the point of being compared with BLACKPINK Lisa and Jennie, respectively. 

black pink

At the same time, fans also pointed out various “evidences” that there will be no one removed from the lineup of BABYMONSTER. In particular, Pharita used to send a flower bouquet to BLACKPINK Lisa under the name of “BABYMONSTER Pharita”, while 4 foreign members were spotted hanging out together on March 1st. Furthermore, if the 7 girls had not been selected for the new girl group, YG would introduce them as trainees, instead of putting BABYMONSTER in front of their names. 

YG put “BABYMONSTER” in the introduction video for all 7 girls 

It is also known that BLACKPINK members Jennie and Lisa have praised BABYMONSTER for their harmony in a past introduction video, making it unreasonable to remove anyone from the debut line up. 

Source: k14

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