Pretty dancer Noze went up against a YGX representative in an intense battle

Noze is one of the dancers that attracts the most attention. Her battle with the YGX representative has impressed viewers, but strangely, netizens also noticed the host Kang Daniel.

On August 31, Mnet’s hit shows Street Woman Fighter broadcast its second episode. In this episode, the contestants continue to have intense dance battles, giving viewers top-notch choreography performances. In addition to former IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon who has been one of the show’s highlights, another dancer that is also of great interest to viewers is a member of the WAYB crew – Noze, who used to be a back-up dancer for EXO Kai.

Female dancer Noze receives great attention
She used to be EXO Kai’s backup dancer

In the latest episode, Noze had a fierce battle with a member of the dance crew YGX. Noze’s opponent in this battle is Yeojin – the famous dancer who made the original hit choreography of SM rookie girl group aespa’s song Next Level.
The dance battle between Yeojin and Noze has been revealed in Street Woman Fighter 2nd episode 

The performance of 2 dancers really heated up the atmosphere inside the studio, making other contestants cheer enthusiastically. Even the show’s host Kang Daniel couldn’t help but be thrilled by the dramatic dance-off between the two talented dancers of YGX and WAYB. Eventually, Yeojin brought YGX a glorious victory.

The two dancers totally burned the stage
The intense dance-off between YGX and WAYB representatives
Daniel was so excited while watching the battle 

Enjoying the eye-catching performance from two professional dancers, netizens made comments expressing their interest:

  • The beats that Mnet gave YGX were really hard.
  • Yeojin is on fire 🔥
  • Yeojin’s so cool🔥 YGx fighting ❤️
  • Go Noze!!!!
  • The battle was great but Daniel ruined the mood!

It can be seen that, in addition to the comments sharing their love for the two representatives from YGX and WAYB, there are also some netizens who expressed their displeasure with MC Kang Daniel’s frequent howling at the contestants’ competitions. Perhaps Daniel’s role is to stir the atmosphere, but for some, this inadvertently “destroys the mood”.

Many people agree with Yeojin’s winning result
Some people are crazy about Noze’s dance moves
As an MC, Daniel has stirred up the atmosphere many times…
But many netizens thought he had “ruined the mood”


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