Knetz think that BlackPink’s online concert tickets are too cheap, the reason is?

On January 31, YG Entertainment’s girl group BlackPink held the first online concert of their career, broadcast on youtube.

  With more than 280,000 viewers, the group’s online concert has achieved great financial success and attracted many fans from around the world.

 In addition to the success in terms of sales, fans who watched the performances left comments that the ticket price was too cheap compared to the quality of the stages. Many expressed that BLACKPINK could definitely make more money based on the number of live performances, special VCRs and stage designs never seen before.  On a popular online community forum, a netizen shared a post titled “I would pay 100,000 won to watch it”.

 The OP gave the reason: “All the songs are very well remixed and they even change their choreography. They have both live bands and each stage is decorated with high quality effects.  Each VCR is so perfect. The clothes, hair, and makeup are all top notch. Rosé solo has exceeded expectations. Isn’t the ticket price too low? I can’t believe I only had to pay 36,000 won to watch it all. “

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