Park Bo Young shows a new acting image in the 1st trailer of a disaster thriller movie

The audience was taken aback by Park Bo Young’s new look on “Concrete Utopia”.

“Concrete Utopia” is generating buzz after its release date was announced in the second half of 2023. Recently, the movie dropped its first trailer, building anticipation by revealing the main characters and some snippets of what the movie will be like. 


In this teaser, Park Bo Young created a striking impression at first glance. The actress appeared in a dusted and beaten appearance, which sets the role apart from her cute frequently-seen cute image.

As “Concrete Utopia” is a disaster thriller movie about a group of civilians’ struggle to survive after an earthquake took place, it is reasonable for the actress to look as messy as possible.

Moreover, with a bony face, the audience speculates the actress had to lose a lot of weight to play the role.

First few stills of Park Bo Young in “Concrete Utopia”

In the movie, Park Bo Young assumes the role of Myung Hwa, a well-loved nurse for her caring attitude and generosity. When disaster strikes, she still maintains such a life approach, even more than before, to take care of the injured survivors in every dangerous situation. Myung Hwa is also the wife of Min Seong, played by Park Seo Joon. The couple promises to bring a strong chemistry, bringing moments of relaxation against a gloomy backdrop.

Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young in another still

“Concrete Utopia” also gathers a stellar cast, including Lee Byung Hun, Park Ji Hoo, Kim Sun Young, and many more. The movie plans to hit theaters in Korea in autumn. Viewers hope this can be a box-office smash hit, reviving Korean cinema from the current slump.

Source: hancinema

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