Knetizens predict the winner of MAMA 2021 ‘Best Girl Group’ based on award criteria

Which group will be the 'Best Female Group' of MAMA 2021?

Just over a month is left until the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) will take place. This year, the MAMA 2021 event will be held at 6 pm on December 11 (KST). And like every year, MAMA awards always cause controversy, whether before the event or when the winners have been confirmed. This year, after MAMA 2021 announced the nomination categories on the evening of November 3, some controversies broke out.

Knetizens predict the winner of MAMA 2021 'Best Girl Group' based on award criteria

One of the categories that is not a Daesang but also attracts attention is ‘Best Female Group’. This year, this award has a total of 6 nominated groups including (G)I-DLE, Brave Girls, ITZY, Oh My Girl, Red Velvet and TWICE.

The absence of BLACKPINK is the first thing that netizens are likely to notice – although this is not surprising given that they had no group activities in 2021. Instead, all attention is on aespa. Despite having tremendous album and digital music successes in 2021, aespa was not nominated. This has also sparked a lot of controversies and many Knetizens claim that Mnet is treating aespa unfairly.

And, while many internet users believe that if aespa is nominated, they would undoubtedly win, the list of candidates that have been announced cannot be changed. As a result, many netizens have taken to guessing which Kpop girl group should earn the title for ‘Best Female Group.

Recently on the Korean online forum, a post predicting the group that will win the award based on the criteria of MAMA has received the attention of Knetiezens. Accordingly, similar to most other awards of MAMA 2021 (except Worldwide Icon of the Year), the awards will not consider the criteria of votes from fans.

For the Best Kpop Girl Group award, the winner will be selected based on 40% judges’ evaluation, 20% digital achievements, 20% physical album sales, 10% MV, and 10% global music platform. 

Here’s a brief breakdown (note: this is a personal opinion and ONLY CONSIDERING those who have been nominated)

Digital achievements: Oh My Girl takes the lead – ‘Dun Dun Dance’ is expected to enter the top 20 of Melon’s annual chart

Album sales: TWICE takes the lead – According to Gaon, the album ‘Taste of Love’ has surpassed 520,000 copies so far

Knetizens predict the winner of MAMA 2021 'Best Girl Group' based on award criteria

MV achievements: TWICE takes the lead – ‘Alcohol-Free’ MV has gained over 188 million views 

Global music platform: TWICE takes the lead  – ‘Alcohol-Free‘. I’m not sure about this, but if you look at Spotify, YouTube Music, Billboard, etc… it seems that Twice is having overwhelming achievements compared to the rest of the nominated groups.

Knetizens predict the winner of MAMA 2021 'Best Girl Group' based on award criteria

In the end, the OP concluded that, by most criteria, TWICE is the group with the best performance. On the other hand, 40 percent of the judges’ evaluations are the most essential factor in determining the winner, yet it appears that they will select TWICE. Many Knetizens commented below the article that they believe TWICE would easily win the ‘Best Female Group‘ award. Meanwhile, many netizens stated that the song ‘Alcohol-Free‘ is quite good, and although its digital music achievement isn’t that outstanding, it is still a success. Therefore, if the JYP female group wins, they still deserve it.

Some comments from Knet:

  • If only based on the scores like that, TWICE will definitely win.
  • I want Oh My Girl to get it, but I think TWICE will get it. MAMA always gives awards to TWICE.
  • ‘Alcohol-Free’ is so good, TWICE will also win this award.
  • I don’t understand why they don’t nominate aespa.
  • It seems that considering the global music platform, ITZY’s score is higher than TWICE’s.
  • Since there’s no aespa, TWICE will win, it’s not that hard to guess.
  • The winner is definitely TWICE. The reason is that ‘Rollin’ doesn’t have sales accrual points, and aespa isn’t nominated either.
In your opinion, which K-pop girl group will win the 'BEST FEMALE GROUP' award of MAMA 2021?
In your opinion, which K-pop girl group will win the ‘BEST FEMALE GROUP’ award of MAMA 2021?
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