“King the Land” Yoona surpasses Park Eun Bin on Female Star Ranking Poll, her ranking is?

Yoona rises to the top on the Female Star Ranking Poll.

On July 6, the Female Star Ranking Poll was released, containing results of the voting period from June 15 to June 29. Yoona came in second place with 1,996 votes. Lee Se Young topped the list for 11 consecutive weeks with 7,851 votes, while Park Eun Bin stood in third place with 1,206 votes.

king the land

Yoona is appearing on JTBC’s “King the Land”. The actress has reached the top in the TV-OTT drama cast topic category for three consecutive weeks.

The drama “King the Land” itself is also gaining global popularity worldwide, breaking its own records for six weeks straight. It is also ranked first in TV-OTT dramas for two consecutive weeks and stood at first place in the Global Top 10 non-English TV category.


Meanwhile, star ranking is a ranking vote in which fans directly choose their favorite star and determine the final lineup. Stars will receive countless perks depending on the final voting results. For example, the star securing no. 1 star for four weeks will be featured in outdoor electronic advertisements.

Source: Daum

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