Jang Dong Gun, who have been resting for 3 years, finally appeared on SNS with wife Go So Young

Actress Go So Young, who often shares about her daily life and communicates with fans via social media, draws attention with a new update.

On August 17th, actress Go So Young posted 2 photos taken with her husband, Jang Dong Gun, on her personal Instagram. This is the first time she has posted a picture of her husband on social media since opening an Instagram account in 2019.

In the published photos, the couple could be seen attending an event of a jewelry brand. They also lived up to their title of “visual couple”, drawing eyes with their superior appearances.

Jang Dong Gun, who stood side by side with his wife, showed affection by wrapping his hand around her waist. The husband and wife exuded an atmosphere as loving as newly-weds, fluttering the hearts of fans. 

The event also welcomed the appearance of actor Lee Min Ho, psychiatrist Oh Eun Young, and model-actor Lee Soo Hyeok, who all released photos. 

Via the photos, netizens finally got to see Jang Dong Gun, who had disappeared from the entertainment industry for years, and couldn’t hold back their delight. 

As a result, comments like “Wow”, “You still look as cool as ever”, “I haven’t seen Jang Dong Gun in ages, they are such a pretty couple”, “It’s so nice to see Jang Dong Gun”, and “When I saw the two of them together, my eyes transformed into heart. So beautiful”, tallied up under Go So Young’s post. 

Go So Young and Jang Dong Gun got married in 2010 and have one son and one daughter. Now, Go So Young is working as the creative director and muse for a jewelry brand. 

Jang Dong Gun-Ko So Young

Meanwhile, Jang Dong Gun has not been active in any work since the tvN drama “Arthdal ​​Chronicles”, which ended in 2019.

Source: Wikitree

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