Netizens express concern over Bang Si-hyuk’s clear weight loss

HYBE (BTS and TXT’s management agency) chairman Bang Si-hyuk’s current situation is drawing attention from netizens.

On Nov 4th, a video titled “2021 HYBE BRIEFING WITH THE COMMUNITY” was uploaded on the YouTube channel HYBE LABELS. In the video, Bang Si-hyuk appeared and talked about the present and future of HYBE, which is expanding its business in various fields. 

However, netizens who encountered Bang Si-hyuk through the video were shocked. Despite the fact that Bang Si-hyuk had shown his slimmer appearance at the “HYBE: NEW BRAND PRESENTATION” held in March, he appeared in a somewhat different way this time.

Netizens expressed their concern through comments such as “What the hell has happened in the last 8 months?”, “I’m worried about his health”, “I’m afraid that he’ll get in big trouble”, “I think his health would have gotten worse”, “It looks very dangerous”…

HYBE Bang Si-hyuk

Meanwhile, Bang Si-hyuk, who was born in 1972 and turned 50 this year, made BTS and TXT successful as a composer, founder and CEO of Big Hit Entertainment (HYBE). He was also listed on the “2020 Variety World Entertainment Leader 500” last year.


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