“King of good deeds” Lee Seung Gi to donate 300 million won to KAIST university

Singer-actor Lee Seung Gi continues his good deed by donating 300 million won to the national research university KAIST.

According to the scientific community on February 1st, Lee Seung Gi will sign the agreement at the ‘KAIST Development Fundraising’ ceremony to be held on the afternoon of February 3rd at the hospital campus of KAIST (The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

The purpose of this donation is to encourage the development of science and technology, which contributes to the nation’s future competitiveness. Especially, it is also a donation to help KAIST become a global university.

Lee Seung-gi donate

Earlier in February 2021, headmaster Lee Kwang Hyung emphasized, “First of all, we must set a vision in order to help KAIST become a top university”. As part of the plan, the government has decided to build more campuses and increase joint research projects with schools in New York since last year. Therefore, Lee Seung Gi’s donation will also be used as a financial resource to promote this.

Lee Seung Gi has continuously spread his good influence since the end of last year. He visited the Children’s Hospital of Seoul National University in December last year and donated 2 billion won to support the improvement of the treatment environment for sick children and their families. He then donated 550 million won to the Korean Red Cross last month to help increase the number of food delivery vehicles used for disaster relief activities and solve blood shortages.

Lee Seung Gi donate

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi has been in a legal battle with his former agency Hook Entertainment over unpaid music settlements since November 2022. The agency deposited 5 billion won into Lee Seung Gi’s account in December but Lee Seung Gi complained of unfairness and continued the lawsuit. In addition, he promised to donate all the money he would receive from Hook in the lawsuit to society after paying litigation expenses. 

HOOK Lee Seung Gi thumbnail

Within two months after Lee Seung Gi made the promise, he already donated about 2.85 billion won to the future growth of the country and people in need.

An official from the Ministry of Science and ICT in charge of KAIST said, “Singer Lee Seung Gi has decided to deliver the development fund to KAIST on February 3rd”, adding “As I know, the school and Lee Seung Gi had already discussed on the use of the donation”.

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