Kim Woo-bin carefully brought up the story of him fighting against cancer for 2 years on “Boss By Chance 2”

Actor Kim Woo-bin drew attention as he seemed to be referring to the time he was fighting against nasopharynx cancer.

The broadcast of tvN’s “Boss By Chance 2” aired on March 3rd, showed bosses Jo In-sung, Cha Tae-hyun as well as part-timers Kim Woo-bin, Lee Kwang-soo, and Im Ju-hwan sharing honest talks after finishing their business safely.

Kim Woo-bin

On this day, the members gathered and had a talk. While others were drinking regular beers, Kim Woo-bin was seen enjoying non-alcoholic beers.

Kim Woo-bin

Lee Kwang-soo jokingly said, “Woo-bin ah, drink less non-alcoholic beer”. Kim Woo-bin responded, “Big brother, don’t stop me today”, drawing laughter.

Kim Woo-bin

In the teaser released at the end of the show, Kim Woo-bin brought up the story by saying, “I took all my courage and asked my father to go on a trip with me”. In response, Lee Kwang-soo honestly confessed, “I got emotional when I saw Woo-bin”.

Kim Woo-bin

Then, Kim Woo-bin said, “Many people worried about me”, raising the viewers’ curiosity with a scene that looked like the actor was talking about the time he suspended his activities due to nasopharynx cancer.

Kim Woo-bin temporarily stopped all activities after being diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer in May 2017. His full recovery from cancer was announced in 2019.


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