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Lee Hyori: “I don’t want to use the test tubes,” promises an honest talk on “Tteokbokki Brothers”

Lee Hyo-ri prepared her honest story.

Singer Whee-in and actor Lee Jong-hyuk appeared in MBC Every1’s “Tteokbokki Brothers,” which aired on May 24th.

Lee Hyori

Singer Whee-in, a soloist from MAMAMOO, and actor Lee Jong-hyuk, an all-around entertainer, appeared as guests on the show. Whee-in shared the story about how she first met her friend Hwasa at middle school, how they spent their time as trainees together before becoming MAMAMOO, and the story of her solo contract with Ravi. Lee Jong-hyuk shared his stories of drinking with his wife, who was his fan when he was a theater actor, as well as stories of drinking with his son Tak-soo, who is now a college student.

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo-ri‘s appearance was then released in a surprise preview at the end of the episode. Ji Seok-jin was thrilled, saying, “She’s coming today,” and Lee Yi-kyung said, “I think I have been making tteokbokki just for this moment.” when Lee Hyo-ri, who appeared afterward, joked, “You guys are not gonna lay down the red carpet?” Lee Yi-kyung immediately get down on the floor and said, “Step on me,” drawing laughter.

Lee Hyori

On top of that, Lee Hyo-ri confessed to how she and her husband fight, saying, “I’ve left the house once,” and when Kim Jong-min asked, “But you have nowhere to go?” Lee Hyo-ri said, “Why do I have anywhere to go? I have a lot of money,” she said, showing off her cool side.

Lee Hyori

In addition, Lee Hyo-ri shared, “I don’t want to use the test tube,” adding to expectations for her honest talk about her baby plan.

Source: Daum

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