UEE: “I’ve gained 8kg since I dropped my diet and regained my original weight.”

Idol-actress UEE confessed she’s finally free from her obsession with dieting. 

In her photoshoot for Star1 magazine’s June issue, UEE drew a lot of praise from staff for perfectly delivering a refreshing concept with wine and golf. 

UEE’s newest pictorial. 

The idol actress recently starred in the January K-drama “Ghost Doctor”, where she played the neurosurgeon Jang Se Jin, who transferred from overseas. Talking about her first experience acting in a medical drama, UEE said: “I was worried because there were so many medical terms, but I gained confidence from people around me, who unexpected said my portrayal was ‘perfect’”.


Through the series, UEE boasted spectacular chemistry with leading actors Rain and Kim Bum. Regarding this collaboration, she said: “Since we have things in common, we quickly grew familiar with one another, despite not meeting often. Now that we have finished filming, all of us still keep in touch.”

UEE perfectly delivering the chic yet refreshing concept of golf. 

With both outstanding visuals and good acting abilities, UEE is a remarkable actress. She previously made headlines for her obsession with dieting, but has since been able to tone down such unhealthy habits, saying: “I think there was a part of me compelling myself to look at my appearance in a negative light. Now, I’m trying to love myself more.”

UEE is finally free from her unhealthy obsession with her weight and face. 

Through an entertainment show last year, UEE revealed that she gained 8kg (over 17 pounds) after quitting her strict diet. “I just took a health checkup and discovered I gained 8kg and have returned to my original weight. Weight doesn’t matter much to me now that I’m trying to maintain a healthy body”, the actress said. 

Source: Nate

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