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“Tteokbokki Brothers” MAMAMOO’s Wheein, “She looked like an attention seeker back then so I didn’t want to be closer to her”

MAMAMOO’s Wheein revealed her first impression of member Hwasa on “Tteokbokki Brothers”.

MAMAMOO’s Wheein appeared as a guest on the broadcast of MBC Every1’s “Tteokbokki Brothers” on May 24th.

On this day, Wheein explained how MAMAMOO was formed. She said, “I have been friends with Hwasa since middle school”, adding, “We were chosen for the team by the company because we had good synergy. Solar and Moon-byul joined us later.”

Wheein Hwasa

She continued, “There were a few more (trainees). After some gave up or were eliminated through evaluations, four of us naturally remained”, adding, “Others couldn’t fit in with our colors.”

Wheein Hwasa

Wheein also recalled her first meeting with Hwasa. She confessed,“ We happened to be in the same class in middle school. Hwasa once sang in front of the locker even when no one asked her to do so. Looking at her, I thought ‘There is no way that I will become close to that girl’. I hated her because she looked like someone who seeks attention.”

Wheein Hwasa

Wheein continued, “Later, we introduced ourselves. Hwasa approached me during the break time and said she wanted to become closer to me”, adding, “We found our common thing after talking about our dream of becoming a singer. Then we became close friends.”

Source: Daum

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