“That outfit can’t be broadcast” Lee Hyori’s unconventional stage costume + twerking (Dancing Queens on the Road)

Singer Lee Hyori made the recording site a sea of laughter with her unconventional stage costume.

On the July 20th broadcast of tvN’s “Dancing Queens on the Road”, singer Kim Wan Sun, singer-actress Uhm Jung Hwa, singer Lee Hyori, singer BoA and Mamamoo Hwasa prepared for a concert at Yangyang 5-day Market without MC Hong Hyun Hee.

On this day, after the members decided to prepare for their respective performances, they purchased their own stage costumes at the market.

Lee Hyo-ri

Finishing purchasing stage costumes, the members gathered to share the items they purchased. When Lee Hyori recommended a light pink lingerie costume that would suit BoA well, she tried it on in front of the mirror. Everyone responded, “It’s great.” Kim Wan Sun agreed, “It looks so good on her.

However, as the members continued to change, BoA seemed nervous with the unfamiliar lingerie costume, saying, “Do you really want me to wear this?” She complained, “I don’t want to do this program.” Lee Hyori countered, “You’re pretty when you wear it.”

Lee Hyori then came out wearing the stage costume she prepared. The recording site burst into laughter by her swimsuit-lik unconventional outfit.

Lee Hyo-ri

Lee Hyori calmly asked “Isn’t it okay?” and performed a twerking dance. PD Kim Tae Ho could not keep his mouth closed, “You bought (that outfit) at the market?” BoA shook her head, saying, “That outfit can’t be broadcast.” Kim Wan Sun dissuaded Lee Hyori’s unconventional move, saying, “Everyone faints.

Coming out after changing into the pink lingerie costume, BoA was enraged “What am I doing?” despite the matching outfit. Following Lee Hyori’s lead, she showed the aspect of a singer who has debuted for 24 years by performing “My Name” dance.

Source: Nate

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