Kim Tae Hee shares tips on how to make the best out of white outfits 

Kim Tae Hee’s secret to beauty is white outfits.

Kim Tae Hee usually appears in a simple look that exudes sophistication and elegance. One of the keys to be better dressed, according to Kim Tae Hee, is white outfits. A simple dress, a shirt, or a combo of blouse and skirt will suffice for one to boast similarly stunning beauty as the “Stairway to Heaven” star.

White lace dress gives Kim Tae Hee a natural gorgeousness and class; the cinched waist accentuates her proportion. She also opts for a pair of silver high heels to go with the outfit, adding sparkle to the overall elegant attire.


A bellyband dress is a great piece to show off Tae Hee’s shoulders. Her rule is to keep hair and makeup as simple as possible to convey a sophisticated and elegant feel.

A rectangular neckline white dress gives a formal image to the actress with a highlight on her waist. In a pair of pointed, white high heels, the outfit signals a personal taste in a subtle manner suitable for formal office settings.


To spice things up, a pair of checkered pants along with long-sleeved shirts are also a great combo for workwear. A reminder from Kim Tae Hee is to tug one’s shirt in to increase the definition of the outline of one’s body.

A pair of shorts is another alternative to long pants. Coupled with rolled-up sleeves, the final look is more sporty, active, and relaxed.

A combination of a white blouse and skirt creates a sweet and youthful look for the “Hi Bye, Mama” star. A pair of beige sandals adds highlight in the overall simple outfit.

Kim Tae Hee

In the teaser images for “Lies Hidden in My Garden,” Kim Tae Hee often wears white clothing items such as a dress or a sweater. Set in an ominous drama, this outfit shows how, despite growing confusion about the potential danger in her life, Kim Tae Hee’s character remains composure and strives to seek the final truth.

Source: K14

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