The difference between Suga & IU’s “People Pt.2”, which is quietly charting in the long run, and their previous collab “eight”

Netizens compare the two collaborations of BTS Suga and IU, “eight” and “People Pt.2”.

While the music charts keep changing due to successful comebacks of famous idol groups, BTS’s Suga’s “People Pt.2” featuring IU remains in a high position even a month after its release. It is the second song that IU and Suga worked together. Their previous collaboration “eight”, released in May 2020, topped the real-time charts on major domestic music sites within an hour of its release and ranked 5th in the yearly chart.

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Compared to “eight”, the performance of “People Pt.2” may seem somewhat disappointing. The fact that “People Pt.2” has not dropped out of music charts despite facing comebacks of “digital monster” idols, such as IVE, BLACKPINK Jisoo, Seventeen, LE SSERAFIM, and aespa, proves that it is steadily loved by music listeners.

At the time “eight” was released, new releases at the same time were from Oh My Girl, BOL4, and Taeyeon, so the competition on charts was not as intense as it is now.  Therefore, it is hard to compare the performances of “eight” and “People Pt.2”.

In fact, “eight” attracted more attention from the public because it was a comeback song released by “digital queen” IU with Suga’s participation as a featuring artist, while Suga’s “People Pt.” is only a digital single featuring IU.

28-year-old Suga & IU with “eight” VS. 31-year-old Suga & IU with “People Pt.2”

“People Pt.2” delivers a stronger vibe than “eight”, which is more appealing to the public. Released when both were 28, “eight” contains the longing for the past, where they didn’t feel sad and could be free, amidst a repeated feeling of helplessness. The lyrics of “eight”, which contrast with IU’s exciting high notes, recall past memories and draw sympathy from the young generation, who have never experienced sudden breakups and pains.

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On the other hand, “People Pt.2” sings deeper emotions of Suga and IU when they reunited at the age of 31. Starting with IU’s soft voice, the song gives off a calmer and darker atmosphere as Suga’s straightforward rap emphasizes the meaning of “loss”. “Person Pt.2” allows listeners to feel the maturity of the two artists in music over the past three years.

The combination of same-age artists Suga and IU is unique in the Korean music industry. Despite their different paths, an idol group member and a solo singer, and their distinctive music styles, the two create wonderful harmonies in perfect sync. Therefore, many people are looking for more collaboration to see how Suga and IU grow even more in the future.

Source: Daum

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