Kim Tae Hee flaunts goddess beauty in Rolling Stone Korea photoshoot & shares thoughts on acting

Rolling Stone Korea highlights actress Kim Tae Hee’s unique charm in its new pictorial release.

The August issue of Rolling Stone Korea, which was released on August 16th, showed Kim Tae Hee showcasing a new side, unlike her usual style, in black and red outfits. Overwhelming fans with an unexpected concept, Kim Tae Hee proved visual as the standard of beauty.

Kim Tae Hee

In the interview conducted along with the photoshoot, Kim Tae Hee honestly conveyed her feelings about Genie TV’s original series “Lies Hidden in My Garden”, which ended in July, and her character Moon Joo Ran as well as behind-the-scenes stories about the filming process.

Successfully finishing the first thriller in her acting career, Kim Tae Hee honestly shared, “‘Lies Hidden in My Garden’ is a 100% pre-produced eight-episode drama so the filming schedule was quite relaxed and we also had days off”.

Regarding her similarities with Joo Ran, Kim Tae Hee explained, “Moon Joo Ran in the drama is a person who is quite silent and doesn’t know how to express her feelings or opinions. In my case, I also say something only when I’m 100% sure about it. I tried to get rid of such a habit and have become much more flexible now’

Kim Tae Hee

Source: Daum

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