Kim Shin-young, who had a dating rumor with Oh My Girl’s Ji-ho, reveals that she has broken up with her ex-lover whom she dated for 8 years and 9 months

Comedian Kim Shin-young talked about her past romantic relationship. She said she broke up with her ex-lover whom she dated for eight years and nine months.

DJ Kim Shin-young spent time communicating with listeners through MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope” on June 30th.

Kim Shin-young congratulated a listener who said, “I finally moved out of my monthly rented house”, and commented, “I’m also dreaming of buying a house for myself. I think I have to save harder”. She added, “But I don’t want to be too thrifty”.

Kim Shinyoung

In response to the confession “I’m on a diet because I have someone I like”, Kim Shin-young said, “You can go on a diet if you really want to. I used to think about what I should do in my 40s. I’m in the first half of my 40s and I’m preparing to live with a healthy body.”

Another listener revealed that she broke up with her lover 9 years younger than her after 5 years of dating. Kim Shin-young replied to that listener, saying “I dated my ex-lover for 8 years and 9 months”, revealing her own experience. Also, she drew attention by emphasizing, “We’re not meant to be”.

Kim Shinyoung

Kim Shin-young also talked about the effort that she made. She said, “I think about retiring, just as those who also think about submitting their resignation letter. There were many rumors surrounding me but I endured them well. I have no regret since I do everything with all my best every moment.”

Earlier, Kim Shin-young was rumored to have been dating Oh My Girl’s former member Ji-ho for years. The female broadcaster later then refuted the dating rumors on a radio broadcast.

Source: Daum

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