Kim Nam-gil On Seohyun’s Acting, “I Had Prejudices When It Comes To Idol-Turned-Actors, But The Problem Was On Me”

Actor Kim Nam-gil expressed his thoughts on co-star Seohyun’s acting

The cast of the Netflix original series “Song of the Bandits” had an interview at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of September 26th.

“Song of the Bandits” is an action play performed by a group of people coming together to protect their homes with precious people in Gando Island, a land of lawlessness where China’s land, Japan’s money, and Joseon people gathered in 1920.

kim nam gil

Kim Nam-gil played Lee Yoon, the leader of the bandit band. He showed great chemistry with Seohyun, who plays Hee-shin.

Kim Nam-gil shared “When I heard the story (that Seohyun was cast), I had prejudices.” “I have a preconceived notion about idols becoming actors, but I felt her dedication while working with her,” he praised Seo-hyun.

kim nam gil

“Hee-shin, by the way, is a role that an actress may be reluctant to play,” he said. “She’s too quiet. Seohyun also knows the character is a nuisance, and she said she wanted to try something.”

Kim Nam-gil said, “It was good that Seohyun could express such a character. The problem is me,” he said, praising Seo-hyun.

Meanwhile, “Song of the Bandits” has been released on Netflix.

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