Kim Mi Kyung mentions her on-screen daughters, “Met Park Shin Hye earlier and she still called me ‘Mom’”

Actress Kim Mi Kyung bragged about her “daughters”

KBS 2TV’s “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant” broadcast on September 15th invited actress Kim Mi Kyung, whom Myung Se Bin really respects, to enjoy a table full of Korean dishes. Myung Se Bin even prepared a bouquet of flowers she made by herself for Kim Mi Kyung.

Kim Mi-kyung

During their meal, Myung Se Bin recalled when the two acted in the drama “Doctor Cha” together. Myung Se Bin confessed, “Seung Hee was a completely new character so I was a little nervous. I felt unfamiliar playing the role of an affair woman for the first time. The director told me to act chic, but there were many expressions of chicness. That’s why I visited you (Kim Mi Kyung) for advice”. 

Kim Mi Kyung said, “When I read the elevator scene with her, I didn’t know how she would act it”. Myung Se Bin added, “After watching the scene, she texted me, saying, ‘It looks natural. You did great’. And I felt so relieved”.

Kim Mi-kyung

When Myung Se Bin suddenly commented, “I think you have worked with most of the top Korean actresses”. Kim Mi Kyung nodded and agreed, “I really have a lot of daughters”. In fact, Kim Mi Kyung has appeared in dramas as the mother of many Korean actresses, such as Kim Tae Hee, Kim Hee Sun, Jang Na Ra, Park Shin Hye, Park Min Young, etc.

Kim Mi Kyung continued, “I ran into Shin Hye earlier today. She has been my daughter since we met in ‘The Heirs’ so as soon as she saw me, she called, ‘Mom!’. It’s not easy to continue a relationship after a drama ends, but some actresses maintain close contact with me for a very long time”.

Kim Mi-kyung

She added, “People who can communicate with each other well can become close regardless of age. Especially, when I talk to Jang Na Ra, we don’t feel the gap between our ages so I even wondered if she were an 80-year-old person”.

Kim Mi Kyung also shared, “One called me and asked, ‘Where are you now?’, so I said I was home. A little later, she rang the doorbell and said ‘Surprise!’ to me. My husband was very shocked”, adding “Some of them even call my husband ‘Dad’. I have a daughter and my daughter suddenly has so many pretty sisters. My daughter loves them, too”.

Source: Daum

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