“Seoul Check-in” Lee Hyo Ri recalled her Fin.K.L days when idols were harassed by fans 

Lee Hyo Ri recalled incidents when she was promoting as an idol. 

In tvN’s “Seoul Check-in”, which aired on December 5th, Lee Hyo Ri, Sechskies’ Eun Ji Won, Koyote’s Kim Jong Min, Shin Ji, and DinDin were heading to a ski resort in Yangpyeong.

Lee Hyo-ri

On this day, DinDin asked, “I heard that in the old days, when you were at an event, there were violent people there.” 

Shin Ji complained about the hardships she experienced at the time, saying, “Fruits and wet towels flew at me.”

Lee Hyo-ri

Lee Hyo Ri confessed, “There were many cases where we passed through the fans, and our butts were touched and our wigs got taken off… There were a lot of things like that in the past.”

In response, DinDin asked, “What era did you live in?” Eun Ji Won laughed, saying, “Haven’t you watched ‘Rustic Period’? There was such a time.”

Source: Nate

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