Kim Ji Eun lost in a game because she didn’t know the host country of the World Cup (Running Man)

Actress Kim Ji Eun revealed her clumsy side when playing games on “Running Man”.

SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”, which aired on November 27th, held a special episode titled “One Thousand Won Gourmet” with guests Jo Se Ho and Kim Ji Eun. The members and the guests had to earn fake money with their faces on it through games or exchanged real things for food. 

Kim Ji-eun Running Man

On the broadcast, Kim Ji Eun showed her generosity by willingly exchanging her earrings to get food for her team members Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Seok Jin. However, her clumsiness was revealed during games.

In a game, Kim Ji Eun wore headphones and guessed the words based on the shape of her teammate’s mouth. The actress made everyone laugh so hard as she couldn’t catch any of the words Song Ji Hyo described. Yoo Jae Suk commented, “Ji Eun is doing so well. She’s so funny”, expressing his satisfaction with Kim Ji Eun’s extraordinary entertainment sense.

Kim Ji-eun Running Man

In particular, the scene when they had trouble with the word “Qatar” attracted the most attention. Given “Qatar” as the keyword, Song Ji Hyo shouted, “The country that hosts the World Cup”. Kim Ji Eun misunderstood the phrase as “Korea’s first opponent” so she replied, “Uruguay”. Not knowing the answer even after understanding Song Ji Hyo’s description, Kim Ji Eun drew laughter as she asked back, “Where is the World Cup being held?”.

Source: Daum

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