Kim Jae Woon’s “Cobweb” receives 12-minute standing ovation after screening at 76th Cannes International Film Festival 

The movie “Cobweb” directed by Kim Jae Woon had a successful screening at the “76th Cannes International Film Festival”.

On the afternoon of May 25th (local time), Kim Jae Woon’s “Cobweb” had its red-carpet event and Out of Competition world premiere screening at the “76th Cannes International Film Festival”. 


Director Kim Jae Woon, along with the cast, including Song Kang Ho, Im Soo Jung, Jeon Yeo Bee, Oh Jung Se, Jung Soo Jung, Jang Young Nam, and Park Jung Soo, appeared at the events. 

In particular, when the face of actor Song Kang Ho appeared on the screen, the audience applauded and cheered for director Kim Ji Woon.

It is the first time in about 15 years that director Kim Ji Woon and Song Kang Ho have been invited to the Cannes Film Festival together. They worked together once again after the 2008 movie “The Good, the Bad, the Strange”. 


“Cobweb” tells the story of director Kim (played by Song Kang Ho), who is obsessed with filming an alternative ending to the 1970s “Cobweb”. The film takes place under a web of crazy and abusive conditions, including interference from the censorship authorities and actors and producers who do not understand the changes.

“Cobweb” cast and director received a long standing ovation of about 10 to 12 minutes after the screening. Immediately after the ending credit, the room was reportedly booming with cheers. 


In response, director Kim Jae Woon said, “Thank you for enjoying the movie. Whenever I came to Cannes, I was able to take more love for movies,” he said, expressing his gratitude to actor Song Kang Ho and other actors and staff members.

The applause prolonged until the “Cobweb” team left the theater.


The appearance of the “Cobweb” director and actors on the red carpet also drew attention. The actors and actresses showed off their brilliant beauty and made headlines together. 

“Cobweb” is scheduled to be released this year after screening in Cannes.

Source: daum 

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