Kim Hyun-joong officially announced his marriage in a concert

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong announced his marriage news.

Kim Hyun-joong took the stage in a concert held on February 27th and announced his marriage in front of fans. In the GIFT CONCERT “What I Want to Say,” Kim Hyun-joong cautiously said during a performance, “I don’t know what to tell you first,” confessing, “I decided to marry the person who stayed with me in the most difficult and challenging times.”

Kim Hyun-joong said, “Looking back on the past, I sincerely thank the fans who have been giving me full of interest and love and stayed by my side during my dark and difficult days, and I think today will be a meaningful day to meet and talk to you in person.”

Kim Hyun-joong marriage

“When the dark and difficult days continued, thanks to the fans’ support, love and trust, I was able to gain courage again and make up my mind to start the second half of my life,” he said adding, “I have been fiercely living and pushing myself for my fans so far.” “I wanted to overcome it somehow and repay you,” he said. He also repeatedly expressed caution, saying, “I am trying to tell you a difficult story under the pretext of this performance because I think it will be a lifelong regret to tell this story just using words.”

Rumor has it that Kim Hyun-joong thought it was right to face and deliver the news of his marriage to fans who have trusted and supported him so far. According to his agency, Kim Hyun-joong’s spouse is a non-celebrity, and considering the difficult situation, their wedding ceremony will not be held.

Kim Hyun-joong marriage

Henecia Incorporated, the agency, said, “As we carefully delivered the news, we politely ask you to refrain from excessive speculation,” adding, “As they started with a precious relationship and carefully took the first step toward the future, we ask for your warm support.”

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