Kim Hee-sun lost 25kg → Lee Jung-hyun returned to 40kg range, their diet secret was the same

Singer-actress Lee Jung-hyun and actress Kim Hee-sun drew attention by revealing the same diet secret. The secret of the two’s weight loss was “breastfeeding”.

On KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly“, which aired on August 11th, Lee Jung-hyun of the movie “Limit” appeared in the “Star Way Home” corner.

Lee Jung-hyun gave birth to her daughter Seo-ah last April. She caught the eye with her slim figure 4 months after giving birth.

Lee Jung Hyun

She said, “I heard that breastfeeding makes you lose weight quickly. I think I lost weight after doing it for about 3 months. I lost a lot of weight because I had a vegetables-oriented diet with mixed rice. I also gave up coffee for a good night’s sleep during pregnancy.”

In the past, Kim Hee-sun appeared as a special MC on the SBS variety show “My Little Old Boy” and said: “I gained up to 80 kg of weight due to pregnancy. I think I ate eight meals a day. Even after giving birth, I weighed 82 kg, it seemed that my body swelled up and the weight of the fluid was added.”

Kim Hee Sun

Kim Hee-sun’s pre-pregnancy weight was 50kg, and she lost weight through a combination of exercising and breastfeeding. The actress shared: “When you breastfeed, you naturally lose weight. I worked out for about four months to get in shape and lost about 25 kilograms.

In the talk show “Taxi”, although Lee Young Ja was worried that her body would be ruined if she breastfeed, Kim Hee-sun strongly recommended breastfeeding, saying: “No, Rather, you have to breastfeed to get your body back.” In tvN’s “Honeymoon Tavern”, she also stressed that there is nothing better than mother’s milk, and expressed that the amount of breastmilk is not important, and that she was told that sticky, ivory-colored milk is real milk.

Kim Hee Sun

Still, Kim Hee-sun admitted that breastfeeding alone is not enough to lose weight on its own, and that it is also important to consistently manage diet and exercise.

“I feel like I am receiving a big gift every morning. I didn’t know that a child was such a pretty and precious gift. I felt that I had to work harder”, Lee Jung Hyun said, describing the feeling of having a child.

Lee Jung Hyun

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-sun, who is a true “daughter fool”, said: “My body was all ruined right after childbirth, but I almost forgot all my thoughts when my daughter was born and I saw her shiny face.”

Source: naver

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