With an outstanding vocal ability, Rose breathed a new life into the show and had lovely interaction with Lee Ji Ah

 Rosé’s angelic voice is what makes her a real Disney princess, let alone her sweet appearance.

The Sea Of Hope is a new program of JTBC with the participation of outstanding cast members: Yoon Jong Shin, Lee Ji Ah, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun, Onew (SHINee), and Suhyun (AKMU). Episode 1 aired on June 29 has attracted the attention of Kpop fans by the participation of Rosé (BLACKPINK). She performed the song Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer.

Recently, Rosé continued to appear in episode 3 of The Sea Of Hope and continued to “climb” to the top trending of Melon thanks to her sweet voice and Disney princess-like appearance. Rosé’s rehearsal video for the song “The Only Exception (Paramore)” made fans’ hearts flutter with her healing voice. In addition, Rosé was also revealed to plan on covering the song “Because I Love You” (Yoo Jaeha).

the sea of hope

She also had a lovely interaction with the beautiful “sister” Lee Ji Ah (Penthouse). While Ji Ah was cooking, Rosé “quickly” accompanies the song River Flows In You to create atmosphere for Lee Ji Ah. What a warm and cute girl she is!

Not only posssessing a goddess look, but she can sing beautifully and excellently play the piano as well. Rosé is indeed the precious princess of BLINKs:

– Oh my god, her voice is so soft and sweet, it’s true! She’s pretty, sings well and plays the piano.

– Oh my god, the voice deserved 100 points.

– Exactly, the Elsa of my heart.

– Wow, I love Rosie’s Australian accent!

– I don’t know about others but when I’m sad and feeling negative, just listening to Rosé’s voice makes me feel healed!

However, this is just Rosé’s rehearsal video, in episode 3 of the show that just premiered, the song she performed has not been broadcast yet. Fans are looking forward to the complete songs from Rosé in the next broadcast episodes.

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