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Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul, “I dated an older woman I met at a nightclub and had my first kiss with her at a DVD room”

Some behind-the-scenes stories about idols have been revealed on SBS’s “Dolsing Fourmen”.

Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul, Girls’ Generation’s Hyo-yeon and SISTAR’s Soyou appeared as guests on “Dolsing Fourmen”, which aired on the evening of July 5th. They’ve been idols for 18 years, 15 years and 12 years, respectively. Tak Jae-hoon, Lee Sang-min, Lim Won-hee and Kim Joon-ho poured out questions about the life of an idol they had been curious about.

First, Kim Hee-chul recalled, “I debuted at the age of 23. I said on a variety show that I went on a date at a DVD room with an older woman I met at a nightclub when I was 22 but that part was not broadcast. My company prevented that from happening. What appeared on the TV at that time was that I said some ridiculous things about idols and the DVD room.

He continued, “I was really sad so I told everything to Teacher Lee Soo-man. He then told the company staff ‘He was being honest on the broadcast. What have you done to him?”, adding “Later, I appeared on ‘Yashimmanman’ and talked about dating an older girlfriend at a DVD room. I also talked about my first kiss and my girlfriend.

Soyou also confessed, “SISTAR had a strong image from the beginning of our debut days so there were many rumors. There were rumors that I bought cigarettes at a convenience store and even hung out with some guys at a bar. The company called me to confirm and I didn’t go outside. I just stayed home and ate chicken feet alone.

There was also prejudice against idols dating each other. Soyou explained, “When going overseas for come K-pop concerts, many idols used the same hotel so a lot of dating rumors arose at that time. Of course, many of them did, but basically, there were actually separate floors for men and women and bodyguards on each floor.

Hyo-yeon smiled and said, “I heard there is a case like this. If you turn on the airdrop, you can know if there is a man on the women’s floors. Some male group members and their romantic relationships were caught by their managers in that way. I should try it at SM Concert.

Stories about fights between members of the same group were also revealed. Hyo-yeon confessed, “Girls’ Generation members have never fought with each other. There was only one time when I was too sensitive during our debut days and fought with Taeyeon”. In response, Kim Hee-chul pointed out, “A fight with violence or just some arguments?”. Upon hearing that, Hyo-yeon stressed, “We didn’t fight with our fists”, drawing laughter.

Soyou also said, “I had a fight with Bora. We misunderstood each other. I picked my stage costume first then went to the bathroom. When I came out, Bora unnie was wearing it. She didn’t know that I picked it first. I was so annoyed because I couldn’t ask her to take it off. I went out and the door was slammed because of the wind. So we then talked and quickly solved everything.”

When asked if there were really a ban on dating on the contract of an idol, Kim Hee-chul said, “Idols also have idol laws. There are things you must never break. You should always be humble. There are also model answers to what we say and do. If someone asked us about our favorite celebrity, we had to say Yoo Jae-seok or Kang Ho-dong. I like Tak Jae-hoon but…”, making everyone laugh. 

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