Despite the public’s opposition, Kim Garam to resume her activities with LE SSERAFIM in Japan? 

Kim Garam reportedly joined other LE SSERAFIM members in Japanese promotions, causing negative reactions from the public. 

On June 20th, on the official Twitter of CDTV Japan, the news of LE SSERAFIM‘s appearance was posted. Accordingly, a performance of “Blue Flame”, a song from LE SSERAFIM’s debut album will be revealed on Japanese TV for the first time. 

Le Sserafim

CDTV added, “This video was filmed in May, and all six members of LE SSERAFIM participated in the filming.”

Previously, LE SSERAFIM’s cover for the August issue of Japanese fashion magazine Non-no also included Kim Garam and immediately caused controversy as soon as it was unveiled. It is known that the cover was also shot before Kim Garam’s controversy. On the cover, Kim Garam was in the center, igniting even more negative response from netizens. 

Kim Garam made her debut as a member of LE SSERAFIM on May 2nd, but shortly after her debut, she was swept up in allegations of school bullying. The victim’s stance was released, strengthening the suspicion of Kim Garam committing school violence. Kim Garam was revealed to have been punished under level 5 of School Violence Disposition by the Committee for Countermeasures against School Violence. 

Kim Ga-ram

Despite all the evidence released by the victims, LE SSERAFIM’s agencies HYBE and Source Music still insisted that “they were all false,” and announced on May 20th that Kim Garam would go on a hiatus for the time being to heal her wounded heart. Upon recovery, Kim Garam will return to LE SSERAFIM. 

Kim Ga-ram

Many netizens have pointed out that after Kim Garam was excluded from the promotions, LE SSERAFIM’s digital music performance improved as the controversy over school violence exerted a noise marketing effect.

Le Sserafim

While the public is still not ready to accept Kim Garam’s comeback, HYBE and Source Music are seemingly not giving up on her and willing to fight with the public. 

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