Kep1er to confirm their Japan’s debut and release their first single album in September 

Kep1er is about to “attack” the “land of the rising sun” in September this year, 

Kep1er will officially make their debut in Japan on September 7th. Their first Japanese single ‘FLY-UP’ will be released on the same day. Their Japanese debut showcase will be held at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall on September 10 and 11.


‘Fly-Up’ is a single album that shows off Kep1er’s energy and charm. The album will be released in 4 editions. It contains the title track ‘’Wing Wing’ and the Japanese versions of the two previously released songs ‘WA DA DA’ and ‘Up!’.

There’s an original Japanese track called ‘Daisy’ as well as a brand new version of the Korean track ‘Over and Over and Over’ (O.O.O).


Kep1er has recently taken the Japanese music market by storm. Despite not having their official debut in Japan, Kep1er is the K-pop girl group to receive the RIAJ Gold certification of the Japan Record Association in the shortest time, only 112 days after their debut with the song ‘WA DA DA’

The Japanese fanclub of Kep1er will recruit members from July 21. Their official Japanese site is also pre-opened. 


Meanwhile, Kep1er made their debut with the album ‘First Impact’ in January 2022. Their first day sales for this album exceeded 200,000 copies, announcing the emergence of a new monster rookie.

The group’s second mini-album ‘Doublast’ was released in June with 287,000 copies sold on its first day of release, once again proving their undeniable charm in the K-pop industry.

Source: dispatch

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